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On January 11,  2020  history was made!
President Trump Supporters from all across the nation joined Lloyd Marcus  in California to film the Trump Train 2020 music video.
Here are some of the Trump Train Choir Members and Extras for the music video. Everyone had a wonderful time!   
Get on board the Trump Train and Keep America Great!


During the spring of 2019, businessman JJ Flash was searching the web for a high energy song to promote President Trump in south Florida during political meetings.

JJ wanted to make sure the song was great because he has known President Trump for 38 years and his father was the Assistant Attorney General of New York for 30 years.

That’s why JJ decided to call Melanie Tipton to ask her if she knew anyone who could produce and sing a toe tapping Trump Train song.

Melanie said “YES” and that person is Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American!

Melanie has several years of experience as a television broadcast media professional and knows some people who are outstanding singers; however, she knew Lloyd was PERFECT for developing this song because he was the singer and song writer of the extremely successful Tea Party Anthem. Lloyd had also written and sang several other political songs that had gone viral and helped get Republicans elected to office.

Plus, the UK Guardian has declared Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party Movement's
MOST PROMINENT African American, he had performed at over 500 Tea Party Rallies, he was a part of 12 national bus tours - Tea Party Express Tours, Stop Obama Tour and Defeat Obama Renew America Tours. Lloyd has also been seen on Fox News, CNN, Newsmax TV and he is a writer for American Thinker, Renew America and several other prominent media companies.

Melanie contacted Lloyd about producing a high energy Trump Train song. After numerous conversations, brainstorming sessions and meetings between JJ Flash, Melanie Tipton and Lloyd Marcus - Lloyd wrote the Trump Train 2020 Song.

Lloyd put out a clarion call to find people across America who wanted to be members of the choir for the Trump Train 2020 Song. Patriots from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and Florida took part in singing the high energy song on September 7, 2019.

Everyone involved in the production of the Trump Train song was happy, upbeat, and excited about contributing to the reelection of President Trump.

On January 11, 2020 - President Trump Supporters from all across the nation joined Lloyd Marcus to film the Trump Train 2020 MUSIC VIDEO that debuts in February of 2020. Everyone had a wonderful time participating in the high energy video supporting President Trump.

Folks, we need to fight for President Trump to make sure he is reelected in 2020. Let’s Keep America Great by continuing the BEST economy in history and by draining the SWAMP in Washington DC.

Get on board the Trump Train!

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