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Download the Trump Train 2020 Song

Lloyd Marcus - About Us

Lloyd Marcus

Professional News Column Writer
Conservative Political Activist 
Trump Train 2020 Video & Song

Lloyd Marcus, Trump Train 2020

The Trump Train 2020 song is the latest unifying anthem by singer/songwriter Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American.


His viral “American Tea Party Anthem” and “2010” along with “We The People”, “Celebrate America”, “2012” and “We Are Americans” have inspired, thrilled and entertained tea partiers for over 10 years.


Lloyd headlined over 500 Tea Party Rallies on 15 nationwide bus tours with Tea Party Express and other conservative PACs.


The UK Guardian declared activist, prolific writer and singer/songwriter Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party Movement's MOST PROMINENT African America.


For several years, Lloyd served as chairman of a conservative PAC, electing conservatives in house and senate races. Republicans WON the House of Representatives. Lloyd's strong voice ignited attacks from progressives. To protect candidates from attacks by association, Lloyd resigned from his chairmanship; continuing to fight the good fight independently.


Lloyd Marcus has been on Fox News, CNN and Newsmax TV. His articles are published on America Thinker and several other media.


Lloyd says we are not in a battle in which Democrats and Republicans simply have different views regarding how best to serve America. We are in a battle of good vs evil; a battle for the heart and soul of America.


As a Christian black Conservative and Republican, Lloyd views his activism as his ministry.

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