Trump Train 2020

by Lloyd Marcus,The Unhyphenated American

Get on Board the Trump Train!

trump train 2020 music video and song


President Trump Supporters from all across the nation joined Lloyd Marcus in California to film the Trump Train 2020 music video. 

Get on board the Trump Train and Keep America Great!


Meanwhile in California...

Lloyd was on-hand along with his choir, The Deplorables to help out his buddy Robert Kirk with a rendition of California Here I Come which can be heard at the end of this hilarious short film about the insanity going on in California. Make no mistake, Democratic presidential candidates vow to spread this across America.  Let's stop them. 


Please share the heck out of Nightmare in Paradise.  We can make it go viral!  

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The Deplorables

Question by Lloyd Marcus
"What made you excited about being part of this project?"

Answer by Jerry Marcus

"I want to do my part to promote President Trump. I think he is awesome and we are truly blessed to have him. I'm scared of what the country would be without Trump."  

Jerry Marcus
Trump Train 2020 Choir Member

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